Wrestlers Who Could Go To 205 Live | Scott's Squared Circle #17

Updated: Apr 12

One of the issues facing 205 Live is said to be the lack of star power on the show. On the other hand however, it can be seen by many as a demotion to go to 205 Live.

Maybe if the stars like Neville and Austin Aries were better utilised, this wouldn’t be the case. Better utilisation of stars along with the recent focus on in ring action over the last few weeks, would make 205 a must watch show.

We’ve seen the potential for stars like Buddy Murphy, Mark Andrews, Tyler Bate and Roderick Strong but here are a few more suggestions of people who could bring 205 Live some much needed star power.

NB: Ricochet despite initial fears is not actually under 205 so he won’t be on this list.

7. Jordan Devlin

I’ve said before in previous articles I think there’s money in a Devlin vs. Balor program.

I think he should be brought in as a member of Balor club. Balor should then win the Intercontinental title at Mania, while Gallows and Anderson go after the tag titles and Devlin goes after the Cruiserweight title.

This way every member of this faction has a purpose. Devlin could then use this as a stepping stone to move up the card and go into a feud with Balor.

6. Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch

I’ve lumped these two together as they are currently a team in NXT. With the rumours of WWE introducing Cruiserweight tag titles after WrestleMania, 205 should absolutley look to establish more of a tag division. Lorcan and Burch, while not well-known, are already an established team. It’s been said that Cruiserweight wrestling isn’t just about a high flying and these two are a great example of that as both are incredibly hard hitting, and different to that typical style we are used to on 205 Live.

Speaking of possible Cruiserweight Tag Teams to help elevate this possible new division...

5. ReDragon [Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish]

Who better to take the Cruiserweight Tag Team Championships than the former IWGP Jr. Tag Team champions¬

Fish and O’Reilly, along with Adam Cole, have said they’re here to shock the whole system not just NXT so I’d like to see these guys dominating the tag team scene on 205 Live, while still competing (and dominating) on NXT and the Main Roster - have them refuse to let brands restrict them! They can dominate multiple tag divisions while Cole establishes himself as an Intercontinental or United States Championship. Basically, allow The Undisputed Era to become a dominate faction!

Speaking of factions.

4. Xavier Woods

I don’t know why they don’t have the New Day go after singles titles while still being a team- Woods competing in the United States Championship Tournament earlier this year showed that this could work. You could still have the rest of the New Day show up to support Woods and not have to compete!

This would bring some much-needed star power and some personality to the show, while Big E and Kofi can still challenge for the SmackDown Tag Titles, with Xavier still competing on the main roster as well!

3. Lio Rush

This has to be a no-brainer!

He’s only appeared a couple of times on NXT, but he clearly fits, he’s got the speed and the athletic ability.

It does feel that 205 Live is the furthest he’ll go in WWE, especially after he gained so much heat for that ill-advised and ill-timed tweet about the release if Emma.

2. Tomasso Ciampa

I know some people are afraid of Gargano going to 205, but I think Ciampa is a better fit - he’s demonstrated since his return he knows how to draw real heel heat.

I could see Ciampa having a dominate run in the same vain as Neville last year. Despite the limitations, that run made Neville seem like a star and the same could happen with Ciampa.

If Ciampa can’t be the division's top heel, then that role could easily be taken up by…

1. Pete Dunne

If you’ve got nothing for the UK Championship at the moment, then make it a secondary title on 205 Live. I like the idea of him possibly holding both the UK and Cruiserweight championship at the same time, holding all the gold, like a Cruiserweight Bobby Lashley or Kurt Angle.

Certain members of the division suit the weight limit as shown earlier in the list. As Tyler Bate took part in the recent tournament, it gives us an excuse to see more Pete Dunne vs. Tyler Bate matches and in my opinion, that’s always a good thing.

However, if Triple H is as high on him as rumours suggest he won’t stay there for too long.

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