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WWE Main Event #7 [New York City, New York]

Updated: Feb 9

Our show opened with Dusty Rhodes in his office. He said that with the Clash of Champions PPV just a week away, it seemed only fair to give the entire women's roster a chance at the WWE Women's Championship. With that, he announced an Elimination Match at Clash of Champions including Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, Liv Morgan, Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan, Carmella and Bianca Belair would take place, with the winner being crowned the inaugural champion of Main Event.

As he finished, the door to his office flew off of its hinges to show a furious Lana stood there. She raged that she should be included in the match, that no-one in the entire WWE was more improved than she was, and that she deserved an opportunity too. Taken aback, Rhodes thought for a minute before agreeing, saying that if she could beat a member of the Women's roster of his choosing at the go home Main Event, then she would be added to the match at the PPV. Beaming, and switching from incensed to gushing in a heartbeat, Lana bent down, kissed Rhodes on the cheek and skipped from the room, leaving a red lipstick mark on the General Manager's cheek, and a red hue rising up his face as he smiled sheepishly.

We cut to the ring next as BlackHearts made their unwelcome way to the ring.

After resounding chants of "You f****d Up!" from the very vocal New York fans in relation to McIntyre's inability to capitalise on BlackHearts interference in last week's main event, the leader of the newest faction in WWE smiled widely and simply stated that Daniel Bryan wouldn't be in that WWE match either. This of course garnered an enormous amount of boos from the crowd as Orton, Edge and McIntyre stood there soaking it all in.

Edge took to the microphone next and addressed the question on everyone's lips - why the focus on Daniel Bryan? The answer it seemed was because he was seen as the top guy on Main Event, and to be the best, you have to topple the best.

At this point, Daniel Bryan made his way out to the ring and stood across from the man who had tormented for weeks and his entourage and demanded another match. McIntyre laughed and said that he wasn't accepting anything without Edge and Orton and unless Bryan could find two idiots to join him then a match was completely off of the table

It was at this point that all the arena lights went out, and we were plunged into darkness.

When the lights came up, Daniel Bryan was flanked by Aleister Black and New Japan star turned WWE Ace, KUSHIDA. In a flash, Black had taken out Orton with a Black Mass and KUSHIDA had Edge locked in the Hoverboard Lock. In utter shock, McIntyre looked around only to be smashed in the face by a Knee Plus by Daniel Bryan. By the time officials had poured from backstage to break up the brawl, Bryan had hit The Scottish Psychopath with two more Knee Plus's and had finally gotten the upper hand over McIntyre.

Match #1 - Luke Harper O def. Sheamus X

With two thirds of the Wyatt Family and The Bar squaring off for the WWE World Tag Team titles in the final of the Tag Team Tournament at the Clash of Champions PPV, preparations began as Luke Harper took on Sheamus in singles action.

With both men specialising in the brawling style, it surprised no one that a stiff match ensued. Sheamus started the aggressor with strikes aplenty, before hitting an early Irish Curse Backbreaker, but Harper managed to avoid the following Brogue Kick by rolling to the outside. Sheamus, angered by this, then sprinted around the ring only to be met by a Lariat that echoed around the New York Arena, flooring The Great White Shark.

The match continued with both men earning near falls; Harper especially close with a Sit Out Powerbomb, with Sheamus reaching out and grabbing the bottom rope at the last possible second.

The closing stretch followed an interesting dynamic, with both men trying desperately to hit their finishing moves, but both being met with progressively more desperate reversals, the final one of which involved Harper grabbing the boot of Sheamus as he went for yet another Brogue Kick, flipping round and hitting a Bridging German Suplex. As Sheamus kicked out, Harper wasted no time in launching himself at the kneeling Irish man with a Discus Clothesline, sealing a hard earned victory, and swinging the all important momentum the way of The Wyatt Family heading into Clash of Champions week.

Match #2 - Sami Zayn O def. Shelton Benjamin X

Both men hadn't been seen on Main Event television since their respective failed bids to capture the WWE United States Championship in the opening shows of Main Event's run, and saw this as a chance to capture some much needed momentum.

Shelton Benjamin started the stronger, cutting down Zayn with a series of stiff kicks to the chest and abdomen, and showing his in-ring experience by taking away Zayn's primary weapon; his speed.

With Sami on the outside, Benjamin went for broke, flying through the middle rope attempting a Suicide Dive, but Zayn moved, meaning The Gold Standard smashed into the barricade headfirst. Seizing his opportunity to record his first win, Zayn rolled the almost comatose Shelton Benjamin back into the ring, propped him up in the corner and smashed into him with a Helluva Kick, covering him for the 3 count.

With that he slipped from the ring and celebrated all the way back up the ramp before Benjamin had even stirred.

Kayla Braxton managed to catch up with Chris Jericho before his match in main event and asked him how he had prepared for his opportunity to become the WWE Champion.

After giving her a look similar to that of someone who had recently trodden in something foul, Jericho said that he had prepared by being the best because that's what he did; be the best. He then added that the rest of the participants in the match should feel honoured that they were sharing the ring with him, and that he would singlehandedly drag each person's best match out of them, before marching on to Clash of Champions where he would tap out that fat tub of lard Kevin Owens in no time to become the first WWE Champion. He then looked Kayla dead in the eye and said "You're welcome," before storming out of shot.

Match #3 - Roderick Strong O def. Oney Lorcan X

[WWE United States Championship Open Challenge Match]

This was Roderick Strong's Third Successful Title Defence

The WWE United States Championship Open Challenge rolled on, with forgotten man Oney Lorcan answering the call this time.

Brawler Lorcan offered a far different test for Champion Strong than the flamboyance of Goldust the week before, with a high quality striking game causing him problems early on.

After being busted wide open from an errant elbow from Lorcan, it looked like Strong might be on the ropes, especially after the latter managed to survive the End of Heartache - a feat not managed by anyone on the roster thus far - by having his feet under the ropes.

Lorcan looked to capitalise on his reprieve, continuing his brutal striking assault, but his attempt at getting his Half and Half Suplex away was quickly countered into a second End of Heartache by Strong, which was enough to secure the victory, with the champion successful in his 3rd defence.

Braxton caught up with Eddie Guerrero backstage just before the main event. After being asked how he felt, Guerrero laughed and said that the big stage was nothing new to him, that he would do literally everything it would take to win the match and indeed the Championship at Clash of Champions, whether that was putting his body on the line, burning bridges or simply lying, cheating and stealing. He looked at Kayla once more, smiled toothily again and ended by stating that he had never been more ready to be a symbol to those who thought they could never make it.

Match #4 - Eddie Guerrero O def. Bobby Lashley, Johnny Gargano & Chris Jericho X

The final WWE Championship qualifying Fatal 4-Way Match main evented this episode of Main Event, with crowd favourites Johnny Gargano and Eddie Guerrero taking on the heelish power of Chris Jericho and Bobby Lashley.

The power of Lashley led him to assert early dominance over the other smaller competitors, with Gargano especially bearing the brunt of the punishment, including a ring-shaking Powerslam and Dominator, with only well timed interference from Jericho stopping the 3 count. With this, the match suddenly became about trying to stop Lashley from bullying the remaining competitors, and with that Guerrero and Jericho formed a temporary alliance, resulting in Lashley attempting to hit Jericho with a chair, only to eat a Codebreaker and a Dropkick into the chair, into his face, rendering him comatose for a large portion of the match.

After that, the alliance was broken and Jericho and Guerrero went at it, chopping each other with a violent ferocity that brought a heat and passion to a New York crowd that had already experienced so much on today's show. Gargano then set about igniting an exchange with Guerrero, fast-paced and intense, the pace ramping up with every strike, near-falls aplenty with Gargano managing a close call with a Slingshot Spear, while Guerrero managed to hit all three of the Three Amigos.

The reintroduction of Lashley brought about another near-fall on Gargano after a Spear of his own, while Jericho almost managed to submit Guerrero with the Walls of Jericho, yet still the match continued.

Much as the chants of 'Fight Forever!' echoed around the arena, the match had to end somehow, and it ended in a very therapeutic way for the rabid New York audience. Bobby Lashley managed to isolate Chris Jericho after launching Gargano from the ring onto the ring steps, and hitting the Spear on Y2J. Clearly assuming that this was enough for the victory, Lashely took a moment to savour the forthcoming victory and posed for the crowd, only for Guerrero to fly through the air, smashing Lashley out of the way, and landing the Frogsplash on the downed Jericho, pinning him for the 3 count.

With that, and with the adulation of the WWE Universe, Guerrero took to the turnbuckles to celebrate the fact that he had earned the opportunity to take on Kevin Owens at Clash of Champions for the chance to be the inaugural WWE Champion.

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