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WWE Main Event #10 [Braunschweig, Germany]

Updated: Feb 9

Match #1 - Heavy Machinery [Otis O & Tucker] def. The Usos [Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso X]

Heavy Machinery stomped to the ring first to enormous fanfare to open the show in Germany. The pair seemed in high spirits, especially the lovable Otis, who was quite literally vibrating with excitement. These high spirits of course were completely at odds with their status as underdogs in this match, as the team they would face off against, The Usos, swaggered to the ring, with the entire crowd anticipating a dominant Tag Team victory.

Neither team had been seen since their respective defeats in the World Tag Team Championships Tournament, and were both seeking to make a statement in this match. Though many expected it to be The Usos making that statement, it was in fact Tucker who set the pace, dominating first Jimmy and then Jey with a series of Power Slams and Shoulder Tackles, even busting out a Dropkick on the latter Uso, earning himself a 2 count. As many expected however, The Usos recovered from this surprise start and began to successfully cut down Tucker, Jimmy landing a Superkick and Jey cornering the big man twice and hitting Running Knees in the corner; the end seemed nigh for Heavy Machinery.

Finally, after resilience that had gotten the German crowd firmly behind them, Tucker managed to get the hot tag to Otis who, showing some of his unorthodox charisma, proceeded to clean house. His stalling Powerslam on Jey gained him a close 2 count, which was followed by another after the Caterpillar. The Usos, beginning to look concerned that momentum was swinging wildly out of their favour, looked to end things with an Usos Splash, but Tucker got back onto the apron and disposed of Jimmy, while Jey missed the Splash entirely, allowing Otis to hit the Caterpillar once more for a surprise, and feel-good victory for Heavy Machinery, who finally achieve their first victory on the blue brand. The Usos' hunt for their first victory however, continued.

Match #2 - Bianca Belair O def. Carmella X

After losing out on the WWE Women's Championship at Clash of Champions in the 6-Way Elimination Match, both Carmella and Bianca Belair had a point to prove.

Unfortunately for the Princess of Staten Island, it was EST of WWE that dominated proceedings in a short and emphatic match-up. Belair ripped through Carmella like a train, with Mella's only respite coming when she briefly managed to half lock-in The Code of Silence. However, with Belair so close to the ropes, the respite was brief. In fact, this merely seemed to focus Bianca more, with her hitting two consecutive Argentine Facebusters for the victory, ensuring her name stayed firmly in the championship picture.

Backstage, Becky Lynch was talking to Kayla Braxton. She stated that she had nothing but praise for the way Sasha Banks had won the Championship at Clash of Champions, and complimented her tenacity and determination. However, Lynch also stated that Banks had been lucky; a freak elimination had stopped Lynch from clinching the Championship, and she followed this up by saying that she was undefeated in singles competition on Main Event, and demanded a 1-on-1 chance to take what should have been hers at Summerslam.

As her tirade finished, Belair, backstage after her victory over Carmella, entered the frame laughing. She stood nose to nose with The Man and said that she had an identical singles win record, and that if anyone deserved a chance at Banks at Summerslam, it should be her.

This exchange was this time interrupted by Lana, still enraged that her chance to enter the 6-Way Match had been ripped from her after the feud between Bayley and Ruby Riott spilled into her match. She said that she was still owed an opportunity at the belt and as the Ravishing One, she deserved the chance to make Main Event the ravishing and most alluring brand.

Lynch seemed repulsed by this, but was spared the need to retort by the arrival of Dusty Rhodes, who, after hearing all three cases, decided that the best course of action was to put the women in a #1 Contendership Triple Threat the following week, with the winner receiving a shot at Sasha Banks at Summerslam.

Match #3 - Buddy Murphy O def. Kassius Ohno X

[Men's Money In The Bank Ladder Match Qualifier]

The first Men's Money in the Bank Ladder Qualification Match was next, with 2 almost forgotten talents given the opportunity to make history. Kassius Ohno, The Wrestling Genius, had the chance to avenge his two losses so far by defeating The Best Kept Secret, Buddy Murphy, who himself had only had one appearance - a tenacious yet ultimately unsuccessful attempt to usurp Roderick Strong as the United States Champion at Clash of Champions.

The match started as frenetically as you might expect, with a huge dichotomy between the power and striking of Kassius Ohno, and the speed and agility of Murphy. Ohno started the strongest, laying into Murphy with volleys of forearms and vicious Big Boots. The more Murphy attempted to rally, the more Ohno, using all of his in-ring knowledge and experience, ground him down, raining down Elbows, attempting the quick knockout win.

The longer the match went on however, the more the pace seemed to quicken, and the more match seemed to sway in the favour of Murphy, who began to capitalise on the clear weariness of Ohno. Several Step-Up Kneestrikes had the big man reeling before a well placed Superkick brought him to his knees. One more Step-Up Kneestrike and Ohno was out, beaten at his own game, with Murphy covering for the victory and a chance to go on to Summerslam and become Mr. Money in the Bank.

Match #4 - Bray Wyatt O def. Curt Hawkins X

Bray Wyatt finally made his in-ring debut next, taking on the unfortunate Curt Hawkins, who was already in the ring when the Eater of Worlds sauntered down to the ring, lantern swaying, flanked by the Tag Team Champions Harper and Rowan.

Undoubtedly unnerved after the antics of the Wyatt Family over the past few weeks, Hawkins flew out of the traps attempting a quick victory so that he could get out of the ring as quickly as possible, but Wyatt simply laughed off the offence, encouraging Hawkins to hit even harder. Eventually however, Wyatt seemed to tire of Hawkins attack and hit the Sister Abigail.

He didn't pin him though.

Instead, Rowan dragged his rocking chair into the ring and placed it in front of the comatose Hawkins. Wyatt settled himself down, his feet propped up on Hawkins' chest, surveying the crowd with delight;

"Isn't this nice?" he laughed "Us spending some quality time together? I feel like I've waited for so long to come out and play, and my goodness, haven't I got surprises in store!"

"You see dear friends, I've got my eye on something and I don't care which mere mortal gets in my way, I intend on taking it. People think I'm a fraud, a preacher of lies and false truths, but believe me when I say, when I become United States Champion, everything that I preach will ring true, and only those that believe will remain. Abigail is coming, and with her, she brings tyranny and pain, with me at her side."

"Roderick Strong, consider this not a challenge, but a threat to your very existence. I will take that belt from you at Summerslam, and boy you have faced mere children until now, so please... prepare and kiss your loved ones because come Summerslam, you are going to find out that monsters aren't just real, but they have their eyes unblinkingly set on you!"

With a final, blood-curdling cackle, he rose from the chair picked up the stirring Curt Hawkins, dropped him with two consecutive Sister Abigails and covered him lazily, laughing maniacally into the hard camera.

Match #5 - Edge O def. Cesaro X

[Men's Money In The Bank Ladder Match Qualifier]

The main event of the evening saw the second Money in the Bank Ladder Qualification Match take place, with what many people thought was a dream match; Edge taking on Cesaro. This was BlackHearts first attempt at having a member of their faction in the Ladder Match at Summerslam, with Randy Orton and leader Drew McIntyre having their qualification matches in coming weeks.

From the off, this was a wrestling classic. For years, Cesaro has been an underrated worker, but here he was on fire, launching himself into Uppercuts and ragdolling Edge around the ring with remarkable feets of strength. In fact, it was only when The Swiss Superman missed a European Uppercut in the corner, instead colliding with the ring post that Edge managed to gain any momentum in the match.

From there, the match swayed continuously in favour of both men, Cesaro getting a close two-count with a Brainbuster, while only the bottom rope saved Cesaro when he was hit with the Impaler DDT.

It took a true moment of magic from Edge to create the opening for victory. After stunning The Rated R Superstar with a Lariat, Cesaro came off of the ropes looking for the a second, more emphatic one. Edge however, reading this, launched Cesaro into the air hitting a Pop-Up Spear. The crowd exploded, but this wasn't the end, Cesaro just getting his shoulder off of the canvas at the last possible second, his resilience earning him, and the match, resounding chants of 'This is Awesome!'

The aforementioned Spear however seemed to have rocked Cesaro and from there, Edge was able to systematically wear him down, ending the match with a Sleeper Hold that rendered him out cold with the referee calling for a stoppage. Edge won the match, but Cesaro won many fans in Germany.

The remaining members of BlackHearts came down to the ring to celebrate, with part one of their domination of the Money in the Bank Ladder Match a success.

The final, parting shot of the night was the three men, arms aloft, laughing.

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