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PodMania PPV Reviews: TNA Hard Justice 2009 Review

We open with a video package for the ages, narrated by Stephen Hawking (apparently), who proceeds to explain the importance of DNA, all while splicing in footage of Matt Morgan who claims to be the DNA of TNA - a catchy name if truth be told, but doesn’t quite take away from the, at times, unbearably cheesy video package.

Match #1 - Daniels def. Black Machismo Jay Lethal, Consequences Creed, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Suicide, 'The Pope' D'Angelo Dinero & Amazing Red

[X-Division #1 Contendership Steel Asylum Match]

I love when #1 contendership matches are on PPVs; it makes what otherwise could be described as a throwaway match that little bit more important. The Steel Asylum was a novel concept; a red domed cage with a hole in the top which competitors had to escape from. Though initially very striking, and the originality of the idea is commendable, it is undeniable that the hole is so impossibly small that even this crop of young and athletic competitors in this bout would find it difficult. My main bug-bear though, is simply how many people were in this match - it is impossible to follow the action! Suicide, Daniels, Sabin, Shelley, Consequences Creed, Black Machismo Jay Lethal in the midst of his outstanding Randy Savage gimmick, the debuting Pope and Amazing Red.

I’m willing to give all of this a pass however, as this match is great fun. Lethal and Amazing Red is the dream match I never realised I wanted, while The Motor City Machine Guns instantly team up and attack Daniels with a brutal and clean quickness before becoming the first people to use the cage as a weapon; launching Daniels face-first into it. Lethal Consequences, without a doubt the greatest closet Tag Team name ever, take out Amazing Red, while Creed has one eye on the walls of the cage, pulling down both Suicide and The Pope as they made early dashes for freedom. Speaking of The Pope, he has the odd chance to shine, hitting Lethal with an Inverted Suplex before being another victim of the MCMG double team.

Shelley hits Daniels with a Jawbreaker from the top rope, before hanging Pope in the tree of woe and Overhead Belly to Belly Suplexing Suicide into him. MCMG and Lethal Consequences then pair off on the sides of the cage before Daniels picks the bones, tossing Lethal off of the top rope with what looks like a Falcon Arrow variation. The Pope cuts Daniels off as he breaks for the top Spears him from the top rope. Suicide then gets involved, and looks to take Shelley from the top rope, but is instead German Suplexed over his head by Sabin into the oncoming Pope and Daniels. MCMG then continue their dominance with Shelley catching Lethal in a DDT position and Creed in a Flatline, with Sabin providing the Enziguri to the back of Creed’s head to set the double move in motion; MCMG were absolutely untouchable in these days!

We get an insane Tower of Doom spot, with Suicide coming from the roof to Powerbomb the tower of Pope, Daniels and Amazing Red. MCMG attempt to capitalise, both men locking in submissions on members of Lethal Consequences, Shelley with a leg submission on Creed (with Lethal’s leg trapped inside it) and an Abdominal Stretch on Lethal, while Sabin has the same stretch on the floored and screaming Creed.

The moves are coming thick and fast now, Amazing Red goes for the Code Red on Suicide but instead gets hit with an Inverted Alabama Slam from behind him, Pope hits Suicide with a Pop-Up Spinebuster, Daniels hits a Blue Thunder Bomb on Pope, Shelley hits Sliced Bread on Daniels, Machismo hits a Satellite Sit Out Face Buster on Shelley and is then taken out by a top rope Tornado DDT from Sabin, who in turn is Press-Slammed into a Gutbuster by Creed who, while on his knees, eats a Spike Hurricanrana from Red; and breathe - what a sequence!

Amid chants of “X-Division!” from the crowd, everyone makes for the cage wall. Each competitor has a hold of someone, and one by one, each coupling falls from the wall; Pope and Daniels first, with the Fallen Angel hitting him with a Flatliner, Creed takes Suicide out with an Inverted Blockbuster, a Double Team Blockbuster from MCMG does for Lethal, before Red takes out both Machine Guns, leaving him to be the last man standing.

Red makes it to the roof of the cage but is thrown down into a crowd of people by Daniels, who now hung by a leg to the cage roof. Suicide breaks for the opening but is cut off by Pope who flings him to the canvas. Pope then inexplicably decides to instead descend the cage and attack Suicide rather than become the #1 contender for the X-Division, as you would. Daniels, not believing his luck, manages to free his leg and escape the cage and book himself a match for the X-Division belt at No Surrender the following month.

Speaking of No Surrender, Jeremy Borash catches up to Daniels to ask him who he thinks will be X-Division Champion after tonight. He says he has history with both, but would love a shot at Joe. He says either way it is a lose/lose situation because one man will lose tonight and then the other loses to him at No Surrender. He finishes off by dedicating his victory tonight to AJ Styles who is at home, apparently too appalled at his Best of 3 Series loss to Matt Morgan to come into work - well, I can’t say I blame him.

Match Rating: 8 stars

We are introduced to the broadcast team of Dom West and Mike Tenay, who run down the remainder of the card for tonight’s show, before throwing to the back where Lauren Thompson is interviewing Matt Morgan. It is here where you realise that they are referring to Matt Morgan as Blueprint Matt Morgan, but they way they are saying it makes it sound like Blueprint is his first name which is oddly irritating. Morgan is sick of having his chain jerked by Kurt Angle - cheeky - and says that even though he once wanted in to the Main Event Mafia, he was focused now on the title, finishing by saying not an Olympic Gold Medalist not a Wrestling Icon can stand in the way of greatness, all while posing like Randy Orton.

We then get a video package outlining the feud between Doctor Stevie and Abyss, his patient. After a ‘squabble’, Williams puts a $50,000 bounty on the head of Abyss; a bounty that was gratefully accepted by Jethro Holliday (perhaps better know as Trevor Murdoch), which leads to this match.

Side note: Whoever did the job of mixing the sound of this show did an awful job; the man speaking over the top of the match graphic introducing the match is completely inaudible, which isn’t helped by the far louder background music.

Match #2 - Abyss def. Jethro Holliday

The pair don’t wait for the introductions and brawl as soon as Abyss hits the ring. Abyss wins the initial chop exchange, flooring Holliday with a open handed chop. The pair brawl to the outside where Abyss misses a punch and punches the ring post. However, he takes too long and misses a second rope Elbow Drop, allowing Abyss to keep beating The Outlaw down, before he goes outside to get a chair, missing Dr. Stevie slide in a lead pipe to Holliday. Holliday strokes first with the pipe, chopping him in the chest once again and sending Abyss into the barricade from the apron at the behest of Stevie.

The action returns to the ring and Holliday grabs the discarded chair, Abyss scouts it though and attempts a Chokeslam, which Holliday counters, meaning Abyss has to make do with a Big Boot and a Back Body Drop. A corner Splash and a Sidewalk Slam get him a 2 count, so he makes for the chair once again, placing it on the chest of Holliday. He goes for the Eathquake Splash, but Holliday turns the chair onto its edge (far too early, there is no way Abyss doesn’t see that) and then belts the masked one in the head with the lead pipe, which Abyss then kicks out of at 2.

Stevie loses his shit on the outside and slides the chair to Holliday who sets it up in the corner. Abyss reverses the Irish Whip and Holliday attempts a Float Over, but Abyss scouts it, doesn’t move, and catches Holliday, sending him headfirst into the chair. Chokeslam from Abyss and somehow, Holliday kicks out at 2. Stevie distracts Abyss and Holliday hits him with a Bulldog. Holliday somehow procures brass knuckles and runs at Abyss, straight into a Black Hole Slam, giving Abyss the victory, and meaning Dr. Stevie still has his $50,000, so there’s that silver lining for him at least. Stevie clearly doesn’t feel this way however, he chastises Holliday who levels him with a punch.

Match Rating: 5 stars

Kurt Angle is backstage talking to JB, and says that even though Borash says it will be every man for himself, he doesn’t think so. He believes Morgan will join him because of his aching desire to join the Main Event Mafia. Kurt gives off cool arrogance brilliant here, saying that Matt is green and young, and come the end of the night, he’s going to have a little word with him.

Match #3 - Hernandez def. Big Rob

[Feast or Fired Briefcase Match]

So it turns out the British Invasion are thieves, and have stolen the Feast or Fired briefcase from Hernandez as well as putting him on the shelf for three months, and this is his opportunity to get some retribution. He starts by saying that he is a Latino-American, this crowd is his family and the Impact Zone his house, he then likens them stealing his briefcase to them breaking into his house and stealing his property. He then offers them a choice; give him his briefcase, or he will take it and walk out of the Impact Zone over all three of them.

They choose the latter, which is unwise considering Hernandez takes out Magnus and Doug Williams before taking Terry out in 9 seconds with a...Shoulder Tackle? Really? A Shoulder Tackle? Devastating, clearly.

Rob Terry screams from inside the ring that this isn’t over; oh it is Big Rob, it is.

PodMania Star Rating: DUD

Lauren is back and this time she is talking to Beer Money Inc. James Storm says that they lost the TNA Tag Team Championships by allowing Steiner and Booker T to beat them at their own game; win at any cost. He then lists some of the things he’s done to win matches including kicking dogs and spitting on people’s mommas to the clear disgust of Lauren. They say that they showed respect for Steiner and Booker T and they are sick of showing emotion and having heart, so tonight they are going to kick The British Invasion’s collective bottoms.

We next get a quick run through of the feud between Beer Money and the British Invasion who it turns out have aligned themselves with The World Elite; a stable consisting of Eric Young, Kiyoshi and Sheik Abdul Bashir (more commonly known as Daivari in WWE - manager of Great Khali and Mohammed Hassan.)

Match #4 - The British Invasion (c) def. Beer Money Inc.

[IWGP World Tag Team Championship Match]

After Eric Young comes out on commentary and shows everyone that he hasn’t always been savvy on the mic and Dom West turns inexplicable heel commentator, Beer Money make their way out, James Storm atop his motorised coolbox.

Storm and Magnus start off, amid chants of ‘Wanker’ from the Impact Zone, with The Cowboy quickly gaining the upper hand. Both members of the British Invasion end up on the outside, with Roode assisting Storm getting over the top rope into a Crossbody onto both men, all while Eric Young prattles on about the pound not being what it used to be and how they collectively need the winner’s share of the purse; what?

Magnus continues to take a beating at the hands of Roode until he finally tags one Doug Williams. He however eats a Blockbuster/Knee Drop combo but kicks out at 2. A double Clothesline from Storm takes down the British Invasion, before he ties Williams up in the Tree of Woe in the corner and fires Magnus into him, then dragging him crotch-first into the head of still upside down Williams.

Finally, the British Invasion get the upper hand, targeting the legs of Storm, isolating him completely from Roode. This continues until Magnus rather unwisely decides to bait Storm, who levels him with a Superkick, managing to tag out to Roode, who is a house of fire when he enters. A Blockbuster from Roode on Williams allows a pinning opportunity, but Roode moves as Magnus attempts to break it up with an Elbow Drop, instead hitting Williams. The ‘Beer Money’ shtick - the precursor to the Glorious one Roode would adopt in WWE - brings an Assisted Swinging Side Slam on Williams, but Magnus breaks it up.

Eric Young makes his way from commentary, sliding the tag belts into the ring distracting Storm from hitting DWI, while Williams rolled up Roode with an Inside Cradle after a low blow from Magnus, allowing the British Invasion to keep their IWGP Tag Team belts.

A solid tag team match with little to no frills and nothing blow away, but one that was really hampered by the lacklustre commentary from Eric Young who, even though he would go on to be more than serviceable on the mic, had absolutely no charisma, intonation or volume in what he wanted to say, as well as quite literally adding nothing to the match and stumbling over his words; poor showing for the leader of the World Elite.

Match Rating: 5 stars

Lauren is backstage once again, this time with the team of ODB and Cody Deaner, who will tag tonight against the Beautiful People, with Angelina Love’s TNA Knockout’s Championship on the line. Lauren begins to ask what will happen if Cody wins the title, but Deaner preempts what he thinks she is going to say and says “I know what you’re gonna ask, what happens if those three ladies in that ring try and rape Cody Deener!

Fucking hell.

Lauren then tries to keep the promo on track by asking ODB what she will do if she wins the title. After calling it the Knocked Up title, ODB says that she will will squirt lime juice over it and shine it up on her big monster boobies, before putting it on her truck.

Fucking hell.

Match #5 - ODB & Cody Deaner def. Angelina Love (c) & Velvet Sky

[TNA Knockouts Championship Tag Team Match]

After The Beautiful People’s hyper-sexualised entrance in which we see altogether too much of Velvet Sky, we start the match, but not before the aforementioned Sky threatens ODB with her can of Redneck Spray.

We open with ODB and Angelina Love and though ODB initially overpowers Love, she misses a Splash in the corner which allows Sky and Love to assert control. ODB hits a Shoulder Tackle and tags in Deaner who slaps Sky repeatedly on the ass while the crowd sing “He’s a pervert!


After this nonsense, we go back to Love and ODB, the former yanking the latter from the top rope. Sky is tagged back in, complete with enormous red hand marks on each ass cheek. Sky and Love continue to grind down ODB with a series of Choke Holds before the challenger powers out and tags in Deaner, who then just full on sexually assaults all three members of the Beautiful People by sticking his tongue down their throats. Thankfully he eats a kick to the dick from Sky and a Superkick from Love, but it doesn’t scrub the image of this nonsense from my mind.

Rayne attempts to spray Deaner with the Redneck Spray but misses and sprays Sky instead. Deaner rolls her up and joins along with the three count with slaps of Sky’s ass. Surely this means Deaner is the Knockout’s Champion? No, apparently ODB wins the title due to Deaner being on her team, though this wasn’t mentioned at all in the lead up to the match. Deaner clearly fees the same and storms off with the belt. Love and Sky then turn on Madison Rayne but the referee wards them off, all to the soundtrack of “Velvet” chants.

This was the worst thing I have ever seen.

Match Rating: 0 stars

Hopefully this backstage segment is better than the previous as Lauren Thompson interviews Tazz backstage. He says that he doesn’t want to think about Hernandez beating Joe, because right now he’s taking the X-Division belt from Homicide and bringing it to the Main Event Mafia.

Match #6 - Samoa Joe def. Homicide (c)

[X-Division Championship Match]

We start with Joe on top, but after a few quick pinning attempts, Homicide is in Joe’s head and he rolls out of the ring for a pep talk with Tazz.

Homicide continues to be one step ahead of Joe, until eventually, he tries one counter too many, and gets caught with a Belly to Belly Suplex, rolling out of the ring himself this time. Joe goes high risk and takes him out with a Suicide Dive Forearm Smash, and then begins to work on Homicide, culminating in a tasty-looking Snap Scoop Slam. Homicide attempts a Suplex but is instead dropped on his face by Joe, who hits I’m with a Powerbomb and covers for a two count, using Homicide’s own kick out to transition into an STF.

Homicide gets his foot in the rope and mounts a comeback, chopping Joe before hitting the knees with Dropkicks and reversing a Tilt-a-Whirl into a Crossbody. He then follows it up with a Missile Dropkick and a Tope Con Hilo. After facing off with Tazz, Homicide continues his newfound dominance with a Neckbreaker and Cutter, but Joe fights out of a Gringo Killer. How reverses a whip and Homicide hits the turnbuckles sternum first before he is caught in the Coquina Clutch, tapping out to make Joe the new X-Division Champion.

This match was good, but it never quite hit the next gear I genuinely though we could be aiming for. Early on, their chemistry didn’t seem to be right and Joe especially seemed a bit wooden. The finish seemed to come from nowhere with no real build which was a bit jarring, but otherwise it was a good match; just a shame it wasn’t more.

Match Rating: 6 stars

JB catches up to Kurt Angle as he enters Matt Morgan’s dressing room. Morgan absolutely dwarfs Angle as he offers him a place in the Main Event Mafia on one condition; Sting mustn’t win it and give hope to “All the young pricks in the dressing room!” After clarifying that it could be him or Kurt, Morgan begrudgingly relents and they shake on it.

We then get a video package introducing the Tag Team title match, where we also find out that the feud between the two teams I s that hot, that it is an anything goes match (essentially a hardcore/tornado/falls count anywhere tag team match) as well as necessitating the need for 2 officials; one in-ring and one on the floor.

Match #7 - Booker T & Scott Steiner (c) def. Team 3D

[TNA World Tag Team Championships Match]


All of the brawling.

The two teams dispense with any sort of wrestling and almost instantly make for the outside, Steiner and Booker T complaining to second official Earl Hebner about they way Team 3D were man handling them in the ring. 3D catch up to them and the brawl breaks my into the crowd as we pair off into Brother Ray and Steiner and Booker and D-Von.

Ray uses the guardrail to trap Steiner’s arms and legs, while D-Von is slamming Booker’s head against the handrails of the steps. A briefly scary moment follows, where Scott Steiner attempts to dive onto Ray from the advertising boards, wobbles and falls off, then decides it’s safer to do it from the top of the stairs. The pair exchange chair shots before Steiner tries the board dive again, this time successfully, with Ray kicking out of the resulting pinfall.

More chair-based offence follows this, before both parties meander dangerously close to the ring and moves not linked with weapons. Amid baffling shouts of ‘This is Awesome’ from the TNA faithful, Steiner and Ray make their way back to the ring. D-Von joins them and hits the Diving Headbutt to the junk on Steiner before our first table is introduced to the ring. Steiner looks like he is going to Frankensteiner D-Von through the table but this stopped, with 3-D setting up a Doomsday Device instead. however at the last possible second, Booker T moves the table as they hit it and then breaks up the ensuing pinfall.

The fight for table supremacy ends when Booker T hits the Book End on Brother Ray through it, but D-Von manages to break the count. The Main Event Mafia team attempt to cut off Devon, but he ducks a Scissor Kick, then a Steiner Line as Steiner collides with Booker. 2 close 2 counts follow for Devon but he can’t quite capitalise. He does counter a Turnbuckle Mount from Steiner into a Powerbomb though and avoids another Scissor Kick from Booker. With Ray back into the fray, they hit Booker with 3D and while D-Von covers Booker, Steiner rolls up Ray out of nowhere with both referees counting each pin simultaneously (ish).

Confusion ensues as to who actually won the match, and with the referees reaching conflicting decisions, they review the footage on something that is 100% not a TV. After literally seconds, they decide that the Main Event Mafia retain their titles, which is a controversial decision at best, and certainly one you couldn’t jump to in the 8 seconds of intense scrutiny of the footage but there we are.

It started very slowly and the brawling was uninspired, picked up in the middle, but was then mired with a very questionable ending leading to chants of ‘Bullshit!’ echoing around the arena.

Match Rating: 3 stars

Borash is backstage, drawing his stare away from seems to be a caricature of himself and Foley to talk to the real life TNA Legends Champion in front of him. Foley says that he has the title for pride of what it stands for, whereas Nash holds it for money and how much more it can get him at comic book conventions.

Match #8 - Kevin Nash def. Mick Foley (c)

[TNA Legends Championship Match]

Nash successfully navigated his way to the ring without tearing his quad which is impressive in itself, while it’s hard to look at Foley in 2009 and not think that he should have retired a long time ago.

The pair begin with a striking exchange with Nash initially coming out on top due to his strength and imperious size. Foley goes for an early Double Arm DDT, but Nash bulrushes him through the ropes, before kicking him, hard, from the apron to the barricade. A couple of clubbing blows from Nash before the action moves to the outside, Big Sexy bouncing Foley off of the barricades before missing him with a wild steel chair shot which canons off of the ring post, allowing Foley to get some licks in of his own. He goes for the Cactus Elbow off of the apron, but Nash gets the chair up in time, slamming into Foley as he comes down, splitting his head open in the process.

Nash attempts to bludgeon the injured eye of Foley, who mounts a comeback, and slams Nash’s head into the ring steps - now both men are bleeding from nasty wounds to the face. As Foley continues to beat down Nash, we realise that their is blood on the camera lenses which is equal parts wonderfully cinematic and gross. Foley goes for the knee in the corner as we get a close up of just how bad and deep Nash’s blade job was, but the referee is pulled in the way, taking him out. As Foley goes for Barrie, Traci Brooks runs out and distracts him long enough for Nash to get the pinfall off camera!

That’s just infuriatingly poor camera work!

The new champ looks to beat down Foley with Barbie post-match, but is stopped and chased off by Abyss who comes to the ring sporting his own barbed wire baseball bat.

The abrupt finish really let this down as both men were doing well in the ring, far surpassing my admittedly meagre expectations for this match. By this point Nash is relatively immobile and it is glaringly noticeable at points in this match, but I feel they did a good enough job papering over that! The blood certainly added to it, and Foley literally sitting tearing clumps of his hair out like it’s 1996 again proves that he is just as unhinges as before. Just a shame about that finish though...

Match Rating: 5 stars

Sting is backstage with Lauren Thompson and makes sure everybody knows that even though everyone is talking about Kurt Angle and Matt Morgan, there is a third person in that ring, and that even though people are losing hope, as long as he breathes he will never lose hope, and then references AJ Styles before making his way out for the match.

We then get 4 separate video packages; one to recap the build to this match and then one each to hype up each competitor, as well as a Tale of the Tape that shows the advantage Matt Morgan has height and weight wise in this, his first PPV Main Event and first attempt at the TNA World Championship. Dom West and Mike Tenay go on to question whether Morgan will resist the allure of the Championship after his seeming agreement with Kurt Angle earlier in the night.

Match #9 - Kurt Angle (c) def. Matt Morgan & Sting

[TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match]

First things first, and let’s get this out of the way, Matt Morgan’s back tattoo is the worst thing in wrestling and makes Brock Lensar’s look like the roof of the Sistine Chapel - awful.

Predictably, Angle and Morgan work together to beat up Sting, but when Angle eats the post with a Spear and we are left with just Sting and Morgan, you realise just how wooden and slow this man is. Sting flings both Morgan and Angle into the barricades, Morgan in front of his wife, who grins toothily at the beating down of her husband and pats his back happily - I don’t think she quite understands what’s going on here. Sting’s brief resistance is ended shorty after as he Irish Whipped into Morgan by Angle and bounces off to the floor.

Morgan and Angle continue to double team Sting, with The Icon getting brief respites, getting both Morgan and Angle in opposite corners and hitting both with Stinger Splashes. It breaks down a little after that as there seems to a miscommunication between Angle and Sting as the former misses a Clotheslines and the latter just falls over. Eventually Sting is thrown outside again to where Morgan waits. Angle comes through the ropes, misses Sting, and collides with Morgan, who catches him in a pretty impressive feat of strength.

The action returns to the ring, and it’s beginning to become clear that the crowd are done with the show, an Angle Slam near fall gets absolutely no reaction, and neither does a Scorpion Death Lock. Angle attempts the Ankle Lock but is sent through the middle ropes allowing Morgan the chance to dominate Sting some more, including a distinctly Taker-esque Guillotine Leg Drop.

Miscommunication again leads to Angle and Morgan fighting on the outside, the latter hitting Carbon Footprint onto Angle. Earl Hebner is immediately to Kurt’s side, calling over a production assistant to help. He then refuses to do his job and count for Morgan who in the meantime has hit Sting with Carbon Footprint and has the match won, but then is instantly back in the ring to make the count as Sting hits Morgan with a Scorpion Death Drop. In the nick of time, Angle pulls out the referee to a chant “You screwed Bret!” Kurt grabs a chair and takes out both Sting and Morgan, pinning The Blueprint to retain his Championship.

Rating: 6 stars

Final Thoughts

There is a horrible stigma often attached to TNA, a stigma which in most cases is undeserved - mostly that the story-lines were convoluted and stupid, they had an almost comical over-reliance on ex-WWE talent, that their booking decisions could be, to put it lightly, slapdash and that they would paper over in-ring inadequacies with the X-Division, Kurt Angle and AJ Styles. It's a stigma that unfortunately to this day can get you laughed at for saying you watched TNA.

I'll be honest, I don't really agree with these misconceptions. I have a real nostalgia for this era in TNA - but this PPV really tried my patience.

Aside from the excellent opening match, this was top to tail one of the most boring and uneventful shows I've ever watched. From the uninspired brawling of the TNA World tag Team match and stupidly convoluted finish, to the use of Mick Foley a good 3 years past when he should have retired, to the Homocide vs. Samoa Joe match that promised so much yet delivered so little, to the main event and TNA's insistence on pushing Matt Morgan because he was ex-WWE, was 7 foot tall and jacked despite the fact he wrestled like a cupboard full of ham.

And don't get me started on the Knockout's match.

An abhorrent depiction of where TNA's women's division was headed, after being lauded years before for the almost revolutionary way they booked their women. This was everything that was wrong with the Attitude Era, in 2009. Some might think me a prude, but when a man technically wins the Women's Championship belt and spends the match quite literally sexually assaulting 2 women, I don't class that as entertainment.

It really is a shame, because this is certainly not TNA's finest hour, despite starting out on such a positive; but this isn't to say that all TNA programming was awful at this time. Hell, later in the year, Final Resolution 2009 was a great show, with match of the year contenders in Desmond Wolfe vs. Kurt Angle and Styles vs. Daniels, while the show after that, Turning Point 2009, was even better.

It's just that sometimes when you swing, you hit a home run, but sometimes, you miss, the bat flies out of your hand and you hit an old lady in the front row; Hard Justice 2009 was the latter.

Matches You Need To Check Out: The Steel Asylum Match

Matches You Need To Avoid: Hernandez vs. Big Rob, Cody Deaner & ODB vs. Angelina Love vs. Velvet Sky

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