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WWE Superstars #2 [Hamburg, Germany]

Updated: Feb 9

Match #1 - Lucha House Party [Kalisto O & Lince Dorado] def. The Street Profits [Angelo Dawkins X & Montez ]

The arena was filled with chants of 'Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!' as the three Luchadors; Kalisto, Lince Dorado and Gran Meltalik came bouncing to the ring, piñatas in tow. They were joined in-ring by The Street Profits, who recieved an equally welcome reception from the German audience, especially Montez Ford who seemed to be at his wild and eccentric best.

An interesting dynamic opened the match, with the speed of Kalisto and the relative power of Angelo Dawkins, the latter just edging the opening exchanges after finally catching a hold of Kalisto and delivering a Modified Spinebuster and a Spear. However, the Luchador used his experience to begin to wear down Dawkins, hitting a Code Red and a Poisonrana, with a Crucifix being enough for Dawkins to tag himself out.

Unfortunately for The Street Profits, Ford fared little better, with Kalisto hitting a Hurricanrana and a Headscissors. However, eventually a Jumping DDT from Ford led to the first close count of the night, which he then followed up with a Running Spinning Heel Kick.

Lince Dorado entered the fray and instantly went big, hitting a Top Rope Hurricanrana and Diving Headbutt, before hitting a Springboard Stunner on the freshly tagged in Dawkins. Even though Dawkins, managed to hit a Bulldog and a Spinebuster, it still seemed like Dorado was in top, flooring Dawkins with a Superkick.

Dorado tagged out having been hit with a DDT, and Kalisto set about capitalising on his teammate's good work, hitting a Slingshot Leg Drop on the back of Dawkins's head, before finally finishing him off with a Salida del Sol for the 3 count and a Tag Team win for the masked Luchadors.

Match #2 - Io Shirai O def. Mandy Rose X

The Genius of the Sky Io Shirai was in action next against Mandy Rose, who smashed to the ring accompanied, as always, by Sonya Deville.

The match-up mentality seemed simple here, Shirai wanted to end things quickly, looking to ground Rose so as to hit her high flying offence, while Rose was doing everything to stop her doing that, slamming Shirai down repeatedly with Shin Breakers and working the lower-back.

It looked like Shirai may accomplish her mission of finishing it early as a Tilt-A-Whirl Headscissors grounded Mandy, but an argument broke out between Io and the ringside Sonya Deville, distracting the Japenese native, allowing Rose to recover and roll-up her opponent for a close 2 count.

A Meteora gave Shirai a 2 count, while Rose covered for her own 2 count after a Running STO. Rose then managed to get her finishing move away - the Fairy Tale Ending Facebuster- but again Io kicked out, hitting her own version of the Face Buster, before hitting a Dragon Screw Leg Whip.

Rose attempted to gain more momentum in the match, but once Shirai survived a Top Rope Suplex, Mandy was left looking at the lights after a Moonsault, giving the Genius of the Sky her first victory in WWE.

Match #3 - Humberto Carillo O def. Matt X

With Carillo the clear underdog here against crowd favourite and Mixed Martial Arts expert Matt Riddle, it was a chance for him to have fun without any pressure, and he certainly started as such, launching an approaching Riddle onto his back with a Scoop Slam and hitting a Standing Shooting Star Press, deadlifting him then into a Powerbomb - the crowd went ballistic for this unprecedented and unexpected show of strength.

Riddle attempted many times to make a comeback, but Carillo seemed to have his number each time, landing Enziguiris and Falcon Arrows, smashing Riddle with a series of strikes. It wasn't random however, it was very clear that Carillo had a game-plan; to attack the arm. He spent a long period stretching out Riddle's arm with Arm Bar Stretches before going for the kill and locking in a Fujiwara Arm Bar, only for Riddle to scramble to the ropes.

Riddle was in trouble and knew he needed to bounce back quickly, and did just that with a series of quick Suplexes, getting a close 2 count with a Bro 2 Sleep into a German Suplex combination.

Carillo attempted to regain the momentum with a Springboard Moonsault, but Riddle got his knees up and instantly locked in the Bromission, which Carillo fought out of, to cheers from the Hamburg crowd who had clearly come around to the young Mexican.

Buoyed by this wave of support, Carillo came at Riddle again, launching into a Tope Con Hilo and a Double Moonsault before locking in the Rings of Saturn, which somehow Riddle managed to break free from again.

Undeterred by this, and by a second Bro 2 Sleep, Carillo hit two consecutive Moonsaults and locked in the Rings of Saturn again, ensuring the shoulders of Riddle were on the mat, trapping him for the 3 count and an outstanding victory that drew the entire house to their feet in appreciation of an outstanding match and the resilience shown by the young Humberto Carillo.

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