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WWE Superstars #1 [Stuttgart, Germany]

Updated: Feb 9

Match #1 - Jinder Mahal O def. ECIII X

ECIII's music hit to open the first episode of Main Event, to a friendly reaction for the German Audience. This reaction however was topped by the tumultuous booing that greeted his opponent, The Modern Day, Maharaja, Jinder Mahal and his two biggest supporters in The Singh Brothers.

The match started with Mahal on top, rather predictably, raining strikes and a variety of Powerslams on the former Impact Wrestling star. In fact, for the first portion of the match, it seemed that ECIII had no response to the power of Mahal, necessitating a roll out after a particularly nasty Big Boot.

With the backing of the Stuttgart crowd, Carter did manage to begin his comeback, hitting a Dropkick on Mahal before then turning him inside out with a series of Lariats. ECIII did actually believe that he was close to a victory as he set up Jinder for the One Percent, but Sumir Singh's interference proved vital for Mahal. With Carter distracted, Mahal was able to slip in behind to hit the devastating Khallas for the victory.

Match #2 - Natalya O def. Dana Brooke X

Match 2 began and ended in a very similar way, with Natty Neidhart in complete control. The son of the Anvil started like a house on fire, salvaging the completely shell-shocked Dana Brooke and locking in the Sharpshooter almost instantly, with only Brooke's proximity to the ropes saving her.

This reprieve was short lived however, as it became obvious the damage to Brookes's legs and back had already been done, meaning that a rudimentary Surfboard Stretch was enough to elicit the Submission out of Dana Brooke, giving Natalya the win in decisive and impressive fashion.

Match #3 - Akira Tozawa O def. Shinsuke Nakamura X

A battle of the Orient was the main event of the show as charismatic RAW Superstar Shinsuke Nakamura took on undrafted Akira Tozawa in what was sure to be a hard-hitting and frantic-paced affair.

Nakamura took the early ascendancy, striking Tozawa viciously, adding a series of Inverted Suplexes and a few overly cocky Good Vibrations to the mix, ensuring everyone in the Stuttgart audience knew exactly who was the favourite.

The dominance continued, with Shinsuke using the steps, barricades and even the announce tables as weapons, attempting to grind down Tozawa, finishing the macabre sequence with a Falcon Arrow on the ramp.

Despite all of this, Nakamura could not get the Kinshasa away.

Kicking out of everything the ex-IWGP Heavyweight Champion could throw at him, Tozawa remained in the bout, and the longer Nakamura went without landing the knockout blow of the Kinshasa, the more Tozawa looked like he could upset the King of Strong Style.

After a Snap German Suplex, Nakamura reeled, and attempted a desperation Kinshasa, only to be met with a crunching Shining Wizard. Tozawa followed this up with his top rope Senton and pinned Nakamura to complete the shock victory.

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