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KRPW Dayspring 2019 - Night 1

Dayspring 2019 - Night 1

Saturday, 2nd February 2019

Ota City Gymnasium, Tokyo

Match #1 - Yamada Yamamoto O def. 'The Hidden Blade' TJ Thorne X

[GEC Heavyweight Championship Tournament Semi-Final Match]

The first match of the night saw the first of the GEC Heavyweight Championship Tournament Semi-Finals with Yamada Yamamoto, who vanquished Sasuke Kato on Night 1, taking on 'Hidden Blade' TJ Thorne, who had pulled off the surprise of the Quarter-Finals by defeating leader of Syndicate Yusei Yoshida.

The match itself opened with Thorne attempting to out think Yamamoto, rolling out of the ring to try and break up his momentum. Though this worked in some degree against Yoshida, Yamamoto was having none of it, catching Thorne by the hair before savaging him for the remainder of their 20 minute encounter. Despite kicking out of a Piledriver, Thorne never recovered and never truly gained a foothold in the match and once Yamamoto locked in the Cruciate Leg Lock, it looked like it might be the end of the road for the BlackHearts man. Instead, Yamamoto kept it locked in for as long as possible before pinning Thorne to the mat for the 3 count, booking his place in the final in the main event.

Match #2 - Darkness Falls [Ryo Yamazaki O & Yuya Nakajima] def. Skyscrapers [Soshi Saito X & Daiki Watanabe]

[Tag Team Match]

Tag Team wrestling took centre stage in the second match, as the Tokyo crowd were introduced to two new teams in the division in Syndicate's Darkness Falls (Ryo Yamazaki and Yuya Nakajima) and Establishment's Skyscrapers (the gargantuan team of Soshi Saito and Daiki Watanabe.)

With Demolition Bros. setting the tempo on Night 1 in their defeat of The Triad, the pressure was certainly on these teams to impress, and that they did in this 26 minute imperious back and forth. Skyscrapers seemed deadset on Lariating and Striking their way to victory, with Watanabe especially keen to target the neck of Nakajima with chops in the corner and an especially tasty looking Lariat that sent yesterday's beaten Quarter-Finalist cartwheeling to the mat. However, for what they lacked in comparative stature, Darkness Falls made up for in team offence, getting a close 2 count with a Tandem Neckbreaker and another with a Samoan Drop/Moonsault combination.

With Yamazaki especially coming out of the gates at a blistering pace, Skyscrapers had to weather the storm somewhat, launching into their power moves where possible, but it was during one of these rare chances that Yamazaki sealed the victory. Having absorbed a lot of offence, Saito seemed intent on smashing Yamazaki with a Lariat to relieve the pressure. Unfortunately for Skyscrapers, Yamazaki ducked and Saito ate a Dropkick from Nakajima straight into a Reverse Neckbreaker from Yamazaki followed by a 3 count.

Match #3 - Takumi Hashimoto O def. Sota Takahashi X

[GEC Heavyweight Championship Tournament Semi-Final Match]

The second Semi-Final was over in the blink of an eye, over in a little over a minute which was completely unheard of in the promotion thus far. Hashimoto had made his way to the ring accompanied by Soshi Yamaguchi acting as some manner of hype man. Takahashi on the other hand, entered in solitude as was his tradition. Once the ring bell rang however, Takahashi seemed to take issue with the fact Yamaguchi was at ring side and proceeded to lambast him from inside the ring.

Hashimoto, forever the opportunist, spun the distracted Takahashi around, hit him with a Running Sleeper Slam and covered him before he could react, not only progressing to the championship match with Yamada Yamamoto, but stirring the Ryogukan crowd into a frenzy, with The Ace progressing.

Match #4 - Black Arrow O, CJ Agogo & Johnny Chase Jr. def. RE:BIRTH ['The Heat Seeking Missile' Jacky Samurai, YUMA & RYOTA X]

[6-Man Tag Team Match]

6-Man Tag Team action followed with the RE:BIRTH faction represented by RYOTA, YUMA and the newly crowned GEC Junior Heavyweight Champion 'Heat Seeking Missile' Jacky Samurai, taking on CJ Agogo, Johnny Chase Jr. and a very aggrieved Black Arrow.

The match was what it was, nothing more than a showcase of the incredible talents on show with the aforementioned Black Arrow picking up an emphatic pinfall victory over RYOTA after a Fireman's Carry Gutbuster, but it didn't end there.

Still seething that he had had his opportunity to take the Junior Heavyweight Strap stolen away from him by the opportunistic Samurai last night, Black Arrow issued a 1-on-1 challenge to Samurai; a chance at his belt on the first night of the upcoming Dayspring shows. Samurai laughed before holding up the belt in Black Arrow's face in apparent acceptance of the challenge.

During the intermission, KRPW President JuJu Okabayashi came to address the Ryogoku crowd. He explained that during the 3 Dayspring dates in Osaka in the coming February, the promotion would crown its first Openweight Tag Team Champions, with 8 teams taking part in a single Elimination tournament, with the winners crowned on the 3rd night in the Edion Arena. He also announced the competing teams as;

Special Edition [CJ Agogo & Johnny Chase Jr.]

Darkness Falls [Yuya Nakajima & Ryo Yamazaki]

Demolition Brothers [Shoma Ikeda & Haruma Ito]

Acts of God [El Diablo Negro & Espiritu Oscuro]

Skyscrapers [Daiki Watanabe & Soshi Saito]

The Triad [Mori & Kasuke Yamada]

Rento Yamaguchi & El Espada

Hi-Octane [YUMA & RYOTA]

Match #5 - RE:BIRTH [Yuto Suzuki, YINO-SHITA & Koki Sasaki] vs. Gekido [FANTOMU, Jake Weller & El Espada] Ended in Double Countout

[6-Man Tag Team Match]

RE:BIRTH were in action again next with Yuto Suzuki leading out KINO-SHITA and Koki Sasaki against the villainous Gekido stable, represented today by FANTOMU, Jake Weller and El Espada.

The match didn't result in much, only lasting roughly 4 minutes, before a mass brawl ensued outside, mainly stemming from a violent exchange between FANTOMU and Yuto Suzuki who had to be pulled apart by their respective teammates after the referee had counted to 10, ruling the match as a Double Count-Out, but not before FANTOMU escaped the grasp of El Espada, and slammed a Steel Chair onto the back of Suzuki's head, despite the best efforts of YINO-SHITA & Sasaki. A cacophony of boos escorted Gekido from the ring, a smug smile crawling along the face of FANTOMU.

Match #6 - BlackHearts [SHOMA O], Mori Yamada & Kasuke Yamada] def. Syndicate [Yusei Yoshida X El Hijo del Fuego & KENZO]

[6-Man Tag Team Match]

After not only failing to claim the GEC Junior Heavyweight Championship in the 4-Way main event of Night 1, but also being the man who took the pinfall, the insane KENZO was out go gain some more momentum heading into February. He teamed here with Syndicate leader Yusei Yoshida and the masked Luchador El Hijo del Fuego against the BlackHearts team of SHOMA and The Triad brothers Mori and Kasuke Yamada.

Having also experienced disappointment on Night 1, having being eliminated from the GEC Heavyweight Championship Tournament by BlackHearts member TJ Thorne, Yoshida was also keen to earn back some credibility and looked strong early on, taking out both Yamada brothers with a Tope, before slamming into SHOMA with a series of Elbow Strikes. El Hijo del Fuego bounced the arena in impressive fashion, though was stopped short of hitting his Firebird Splash by Kasuke Yamada throwing him from the top rope and into the guard-rail on the outside. KENZO, for his part, looked impressive, chopping the chest of Mori Yamada until it was red-raw and getting a close 2 count with a Bridging Cradle Suplex before SHOMA broke it up.

The match drew to a conclusion with SHOMA and Yoshida in the ring, with both men coming off of the ropes, Yoshida looking for a Slingblade and a set-up for his Moonsault and SHOMA for his Busaiku Knee Kick. SHOMA slapped down the leading arm of Yoshida before slamming into the leader of Syndicate with his knee, flattening him and covering him for the pinfall victory.

Match #6 - Takumi Hashimoto O def. Yamada Yamamoto X

[GEC Heavyweight Championship Tournament Final Match for the Vacant GEC Heavyweight Championship]

The main event finally rolled around with the final of the GEC Heavyweight Championship Tournament between Gekido leader Yamada Yamamoto taking on the Ace of King's Road Wrestling, Takumi Hashimoto, with the winner being crowned the inaugural GEC Heavyweight Champion.

With the crowd firmly behind him, Hashimoto had to endure an inordinate amount of punishment early on, finding himself locked first in a Dragon Sleeper for an age, before Yamamoto transitioned into a Cruciate Leg Lock, the same move that had finished off TJ Thorne in the Semi-Finals. Hashimoto managed to finally scrabble to the ropes, but despite the referee's protestations, Yamamoto didn't break the hold, instead attempting to transition into the Piledriver, but The Ace managed to reverse it into a series of Rolling German Suplexes, before collapsing in agony on the canvas.

The match continued, Yamamoto now single-mindedly targeting the knee of Hashimoto with Modified Leg Locks and Chop Blocks, looking to wear him down. Hashimoto was growing into the match however and finally managed to get some breathing room after powering out of a Dragon Sleeper and hitting the Dragon Rocket for a 2 count.

The match continued its frenetic pace, but where Yamamoto had excelled earlier on in the piece, targeting the knee, Hashimoto had it scouted and kept out of a grappling contest with him, instead landing a series of strikes and Dropkicks before gaining another close 2 count with a Tiger Driver.

Yamamoto, now solidly on the back foot and with the crowd at fever pitch behind Hashimoto, tried in desperation to hit the Piledriver to end the match, but instead ate a Hurricanrana before being smashed repeatedly into the mat with Hashimoto's patended Rolling German Suplexes. Yamamoto had nothing left and relented to the 3 count, giving Hashimoto the victory and the Championship. Overcome with emotion and framed by the volley of colourful streamers that erupted upon him receiving the belt, Hashimoto ascended to the top turnbuckle and held the Championship aloft.

His celebrations were cut short however, as the 'Dark Star' Ren Kimura, the leader of BlackHearts came down to the ring, laying out a challenge for the Championship at Dayspring. The final shot of the show was the face-off between the two Heavyweights, the main event of Dayspring Night 3 locked in.

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