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Chapter 1: Winds of Change [London, England]

Match #1 - The Kings of Catch [Lewis Girvan O & Aspen Faith] [w/ Stevie Boy] def. Aussie Open [Kyle Fletcher X & Mark Davies]

ICW regulars Lewis Girvan, Aspen Faith and Stevie Boy (collectively the Filthy Generation) made their PROGRESS debut with an opportunity to knock off current #1 Contenders to the Tag Team titles; crowd favourites Aussie open. The match started with both Faith and Girvan trying to cut Mark Davis off from Kyle Fletcher. However, Dunkzilla managed to power through to tag in Kyle Fletcher....who right away got his bell rung when Aspen Drop Toe Held him into Girvan's knees.

From here, it was a series of devastating tag moves as the former ICW Tag Team Champions wore down the Aussie Arrow. The one time Fletcher tried to make a tag, Stevie Boy pulled Davis to the floor while the Kings distracted the ref. With Davis laid out on the outside, the Kings hit the After Burner on Fletcher for the win. Post match, Stevie Boy took to the mic, pointing out how the Kings of Catch now deserved a shot at the PROGRESS Tag Team titles, and he demanded to be put into a Super Strong Style 16 Qualification Match, vowing to cause a lot of problems if he didn't get one.

As an example, The Kings of Catch grabbed a member of the ring crew, setting him up for Stevie to hit a Glasgow Destroyer. However, before the move could be hit, Travis Banks stormed to the ring in an attempt to save him. The ring announcer and owner Jim Smallman announced then that Banks and Stevie would have a match at the next chapter for an SSS 16 spot.

Match #2 - Ilja Dragonuv O def. Flamita X

[Super Strong Style 16 Qualifying Match]

Both men had the same goal in this match; to create space as both of their styles are explosive and requires space. This lead to a very fast start to this match, with Dragonuv trying to hit Lariats and Kicks, and Flamita trying to hit his wide array of Lucha Standard offence. For the first 5 minutes, no major moves were hit, with both men seemingly realising that the first big move could decide the match. Flamita eventually jumped onto the apron and attempted a Springboard, missing and receiving a Greetings From Constantine Lariat for his troubles. From there Ilja stayed in control, hitting Lariats and Power Bombs trying to get the win. Flamita escaped Ilja's STF and, almost in desperation, ascended to the top turnbuckle. Ilja, quick as a cat, ran up and hit a Super Back Suplex, followed by a Torpedo Moscow for the win, and in the process, becoming the first man to earn his spot in SSS16.

Match #3 - Joe Coffey O def. Eddie Kingston (c) X

[PROGRESS Atlas Championship Match]

Title Change - Joe Coffey becomes the 2nd PROGRESS Atlas Champion

This was Eddie Kingston's First Title Defence

This match started with both men beating the shit out of each other, with Joe quickly realising he couldn't beat Eddie on sheer toughness, and going technical by sweeping the legs and locking him in a Boston Crab. This would define the first half of this match, until a failed All the Best For The Bells almost got Coffey caught with the Back Fist to the Future, which lead to the match becoming a game of oneupsmanship; neither men wanting to fail to the other. They traded back Drop Driver for Back Drop Driver, Brain Buster for Brain Buster, neither getting more than a narrow 2 count. Joe Coffey hit All the Best for the Bells, and on sheer adrenaline, Kingston got right back up and hit Backfist to the Future, which Coffey narrowly kicked out of. The two men battled to the same corner, Kingston getting Coffey to the point of being able to hit a Superplex, however he failed to capitalise. Out of nowhere, Coffey pushed Kingston to create distance for All the Best for the Bells, hitting it to become the new Atlas Division Champion. The crowd was on their feet having just witnessed a match of the year contender, chanting “This is Progress!” Afterwards, Kingston took to the mic, congratulating the new champion and requesting a rematch, Coffey shaking his hand in a show of sportsmanship and respect.

Match #4 - Zack Gibson [w/ James Drake] O def. Jody Fleisch X

[Super Strong Style 16 Qualifying Match]

This match lasted no time at all. A quick Drop Kick from Fleisch gave him scope to go for his 720 DDT, but Drake pushed Jody off the rope. Gibson, not missing a beat, locked in the Shankly Gates for the win, to a chorus of boos from the PROGRESS Ultras.

Match #5 - Cesaro O def. KUSHIDA X

[Super Strong Style 16 Qualifying Match]

Stars of SmackDown - KUSHIDA and Cesaro - faced off here for the chance to enter Super Strong Style. Cesaro's early attempts to out-power the smaller KUSHIDA were stopped by KUSHIDA attacking the arm, weakening Cesaro's arm for the Hoverboard Lock. Cesaro survived this, and inevitably began to over-power KUSHIDA, hitting power move after power move, but as soon as distance was created, KUSHIDA would grab the arm and attempt the Hoverboard Lock. However, Cesaro managed to power KUSHIDA up into a European uppercut for a 2. Right as both men got back to their feet, KUSHIDA rolled up Cesaro for a Hoverboard Lock, only for the Swiss National to just make it to the ropes. Cesaro tried once more for his power moves, but they were much easier to counter with his weakened arm. However, the match came to a quick end when Cesaro rolled up KUSHIDA out of nowhere for the win, thus booking his place in Super Strong Style 16.

Match #6 - Meiko Satomura (c) O def Candice LeRae X

[PROGRESS Women's Championship Match]

This was Meiko Satomura's First Successful Title Defence

The first 10 minutes of this match were both women going at a rapid pace, but neither getting a big move in; a lot of Roll-Ups, but neither woman getting in a big hit. In a similar way to the Dragunov match earlier in the night, both knew the first hit would almost certainly decide the match. Meiko accelerated first, hitting a series of kicks that put LeRae instantly on the back foot in a major way. Eventually, the kicks let up, but Satomura finally hit a Shining Wizard, which LeRae (well renowned for her toughness) kicked out of, beginning her comeback. DDTs, Frankenstieners and a Top Rope DDT only netted her a 2, which unfortunately for Candice, was the closest she got to stealing the belt. A Death Valley Driver followed by a Boston Crab from the Champion proved to be to much, and Meiko left Chapter 1 still as champion to close out.

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