• Rob Goodwin

Brock Ness Monster vs. Bill Sold (Out) Berg 2.0! | The Rob Report #2

What happens when a roided out Bull of a man takes on an unstoppable boulder with two finishing moves capable of making your spine jump out of your mouth at the biggest pay per view event of the year? 7 minutes of fierce...staring...!? Yes the infamous Wrestlemania XX match which saw Brock-I've just eaten a mountain- Lesnar take on Bill- Who the hell put me in these silly cycling shorts- Goldberg. It was viewed and billed as the clashing of 2 Goliaths, the match that everyone wanted, but when it came, rumours had surfaced (and by rumours we all know it means verifiable truth, after all, WWE don't know how to keep anything a secret; Sting, Batista, Bret Hart) that Lesner was bound for his beloved Vikings and a career in the NFL and Goldberg would not be renewing his $1 million (?) year long contract. Did the fans accept these truths? Nope, not even a little! The 'match' was an exhibition of heckling as chants of 'BOOOORING' and 'YOU SOLD OUT' echoed from every corner as fans tried to boo the blue blazes out of the place! Never has a spear, F5, spear and jackhammer felt so tame. Now obviously Brock came back after his uber successful (sic) stint in NFL and a few years maiming people to within an inch of their lives in UFC, but Goldberg kind of died afterwards. He opened his very successful gym sure, but he never would reach the heights of his WCW unbeaten streak, outwardly slamming WWE on the TV! Now, with the brand split and WWE realising far, far too late that they didn't quite have enough wrestlers to pad out the rosters, there have been rumours a-flying about the company contacting previous stars...top of that list? A Mr. William Goldberg! Now I know I know, this rumour has also bought us WWE talking to Lashley, Kurt Angle, Matt & Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio, Jon Morrison and half the stars of wrestling promotions around the world, almost crippling the NXT development centre by drafting almost all of its female talent except of course Asuka (God she's brilliant.) But as the other rumours have quietened, all disappeared altogether, it seems Goldberg's return is a foregone conclusion, being more or less confirmed in JR's podcast in which he stated the deal was basically done, and Goldberg right now is on the advertisement trail having just been included in the WWE2K17 game. Even more than this... Rumours are beginning to surface of a match already scheduled for this years Survivor Series - Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg! Now, would you want to see this? Lesnar seems to be sent out to squash opponents in the most vicious way possible before pinning (TKO - Summerslam), but Goldberg would be a worthy opponent surely? He's still in unbelievable shape and his power would give Lesnar genuine food for thought. Obviously Goldberg's age is a problem as he is now in 40's, but he never had long matches, preferring quick 10 minute power matches, surely this would also be in Lesnar's wheelhouse! The only risk? ... Have they left it too long? Is Goldberg the draw he once was? Have people forgiven him (and Lesnar) for their diabolically terrible match at Wrestlemania? Do we care about this match? My answer? Yes! It cannot possibly be as bad as the last one, which is a plus and I genuinely feel giving the Beast a match of this magnitude could potentially lead to something special, what I have no idea, but it certainly has a bit of magic about it! What do you think?

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