8 Dream Matches for the UK Division | Scott's Squared Circle #11

Updated: Apr 12

While not always featured on TV, the UK competitors always deliver when they show up; you have Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate putting on possibly 2017’s best match.

Despite that, the Cruiserweight division has shown being confined to a specific division creates a glass ceiling.Eventually, the UK competitors will have to integrate with the rest of the roster, which opens a lot of possibilities. If you paired them with the right guy, you could have another match of the year candidate.

Here’s 8 possible match-ups we’d love to see for the UK competitors!

8. Danny Burch vs. Cesaro

This is so high on the list because, as much as I’d like to see it, it’s unlikely because Burch is seen as mere enhancement talent. If it did happen, it would go 10 minutes at best but that’s all they need.

Think Burch’s matches in NXT against Oney Lorcan (If you haven’t seen them I recommend you search for them on the network): two men who are good at hitting each other hitting each other!

Also, Cesaro can put on a good match with a broom.

7. Wolfgang vs. Kevin Owens

This is a matchup less so for any storyline reasons but more so because I think these are two guys are evenly matched.Both men don’t have the traditional look of a WWE superstar.

However, despite being larger guys, they can fly if they need to.

The problem is they’re both heels.Maybe have Owens in a tweener role rather than full on face; WWE could build it as The Prize Fighter vs. The Regulator.

6. Joseph Connors vs. Dean Ambrose

Of all the men in the tournament who should be featured on TV that aren’t, it has to be Connors. He’s played a great heel in promotions like WCPW, NGW and Southside but in WWE, he’s remembered as the guy who is missing part of an ear.

One way to showcase his talent (and showcase the ear) is to put him against Dean Ambrose. This could bring out the craziness WWE think is in Ambrose and can, in turn, play up the idea that Connors will sacrifice everything to win - including parts of his body.

5. Mark Andrews vs. Neville

Someone who I’ve grown to love in his rare appearances, is Mark Andrews. Having said that, the Cruiserweight division is as far as he’s likely to go. Neville might not be around, but this is dream matches remember.

Neville plays a great heel and Andrews has the ability to play a great underdog face.

4. Jordan Devlin vs. Finn Balor

At the moment, it seems Balor is reuniting with his Bullet Club brothers, but it’s too soon to say what will happen with that. Having said that there is something else you can do with Balor if he’s not in the Universal title picture...

Why not bring up Devlin and have Balor in the mentor role; they have history with Jordan being trained by Balor. Eventually Devlin can turn on his mentor to try break out of his shadow.

It’s certainly better than fighting jobbers every week!

3. Moustache Mountain vs. The Usos

Spoiler Alert! This won’t be British Strong Style’s only appearance on this list!

I could do a list of teams that would put on great matches with these guys. At the top of that list would be the Usos because few teams havehad a better 2017 than The Usos!They had great matches with NewDay and The Bar so there’s little doubt they could have a match of the year candidate with Seven and Bate.

We’ve seen a taste of them as a team in NXT, but let’s up they get up to the main rostersoon, so this match can become a reality.

2. British Strong Style vs. The Shield

I told you they’d be back.

A complaint about the Shield reunion was that it wasn’t against an established faction.

While yes, the WWE has got SAniTy and the Undisputed Era, they’ve also got one a perfect faction right under their nose: British Strong Style.

A quick YouTube search to their days in Progress will give you all the proof you need.Unfortunately, Ambrose’s untimely injury means this will probably never happen.

It might be hard for people who have only seen their WWE work,with Seven and Bate playing likeable faces and Dunne the despicable heel, but that didn’t stop the random pairing of the Riott Squad!

1. Pete Dunne vs. Triple H

Of course, Dunne takes the top spot!

By all accounts Triple H is very high on Dunne, so we can imagine he’d be happy to put him over...Hopefully.

A match between Dunne and William Regal could’ve also topped this list but Regal is unlikely to come out of retirement anytime soon.

I could see these two having a similar dynamic to that of Triple H and Seth Rollins when he joined the authority back in 2015, only this time it would make more sense to have Dunne decide he doesn’t need Triple H anymore.

This could easily be a big WrestleMania match; the rub of being associated with - and then beating - Triple H would help make Dunne the superstar we all know he could be!

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