6 NXT Superstars Who Will Be A Success On The Main Roster | Scott's Squared Circle #12

Updated: Apr 12

NXT consistently puts on the best shows and the best matches in WWE from week to week. This is down to having a roster of some of the best wrestlers in the world.

Being a star in NXT however,doesn’t always guarantee main roster success as history has shown.The likes of Bayley,Sami Zayn,Bo Dallas and most recently BobbyRoode wereall extremely over in their own way with the Full Sailcrowd, but forwhatever reason have struggled to create the same magic on the main roster.

While the track record of WWE certainly isn’t perfect, there is still hope for these earmarked superstars.Out of everyone on the roster, I think these are the ones who can beat that main roster curse.

Honourable Mention - Tommaso Ciampa

While we’ve seen what Gargano can do as a singles star, it’s still too early to tell for his former DIY counterpart.This is no-one’s fault as he’s been on the injury list since he split from Gargano at Takeover: Chicago. Hopefully it works out because the Psycho Killer has the potential to be an unbelievable heel!

6. The Velveteen Dream

The only thing that stops Dream from placing higher on this list is that it’s a 50/50 chance if the main roster writers will understand the character.

If they do,then that, combined with his in-ring ability, means there’s nothing that can stop him from being a star. The best thing for him is to have the right feud upon getting called up. I was on the fence about the character until the Aleister Black feud.

The right feud that helps him properly showcase his character will endear him to even the most casual of fan.

5. Lars Sullivan

Simply put, Vince still has input and Vince still likes big sweaty men. I can see him having a similar build to Braun Strowman.

If he’s given enough time to properly develop in NXT and isn’t brought up before he’s ready.

He’s the perfect way to build up a new face; have him run through the roster before taking a title from them, almost with ease. This then forces the face to chase and reclaim the title from the monster.

4. Drew McIntyre

He could be put any where on the main roster and not look out of place... well...maybe not in the women’s division, that would be weird.

He’s got that familiarity with audience from his first run and is suited to either a heel or a face. In my opinion,he’d be better off as a heel going after people he thinks have been given opportunities he should have had - play up that he was once the chosen one.

I’d refer you to my list of dream matches you don’t realise you want for an example of this.

3. Shayna Baszler

I can see Shayna being the Women’s division’s Samoa Joe.Coming in, running over babyfaces like Bailey and Sasha on RAW or Becky Lynch on SmackDown. She just comes off as a bully, but in a good way.

If the company is so high on Rousey,her four horse women counterparts should go far. Perhaps she could team with or even face off against her...

Tell me you wouldn’t want to see that.

2. Johnny Gargano

Not since Daniel Bryan has there been a more beloved face.

Is it any wonder given his inane likeability plus his excellent in ring skills? If one of those doesn’t draw you in the other will.

How many wrestlers in WWE are putting on 5-star matches in the WWE nowadays? My hope is that he has the main roster run that Sami Zayn should have had.

Gargano would take the top spot,but he was just narrowly beaten by...

1. Aleister Black

Black takes the top spot because he can play any role: face, heel or even a tweener.

While there’s the fear the main roster writers will just focus on the wrong thing; like his tattoos or he’ll just be put into a boring and nonsensical feud with Bray Wyatt; Hopefully his strong presence can carry him through anything given to him.If shown as the legit badass that he is, he could go straight to the top of the card

His explosive hard hitting style means he can have a good match with pretty much anyone.Did anyone think his match with Velveteen Dream would the match of the year candidate that it was? Plus, his Black Mass finisher can be used on any opponent; my dream match for him would be against Lesnar.

He should be kept far away from scripted promos. It’s not that he can’t talk, but he tells more of a story with what he doesn’t say. Also,Bobby Roode and Ruby Riot were good talkers in NXT and look at what happened to them!

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