6 Dream Matches for the 205 Live Roster | Scott's Squared Circle #16

I’m probably not the only one who thinks 205 Live has been really good as of late; the show has had more of a focus on the in-ring action and is dedicated on a single story which will culminate at Wrestlemania.

A bit late in many people’s eyes but I’m really enjoying it so far.

Having said that,there’s still more they could do. One complaint about the Cruiserweight division, is how separate they feel from the rest of the roster.

So, in the same vain as my UK Division article, I have come up with some potential dream matches for the division if they ever decide to have them interact with the rest of the roster.

6. Mustafa Ali vs. Jinder Mahal

An odd one at first glance but hear me out.

For much of Jinder’s disaster of a title reign, all he could talk about was how people hated him because he was different. Someone who might have something to say about that is Mustafa Ali, whose goal is to change people’s perception and is well liked for the most part.

Have Jinder try to get Ali on his side because they’ve both faced persecution for how they look, but have Ali say that’s not why they hate you, which anger’s Jinder. Judging by his matches with AJ, Jinder works better with a smaller opponent.

5. Daniel Bryan vs. The Bryan Kendrick

This would be higher if it wasn’t so unlikely.

Now that Bryan has been cleared for in-ring action, I doubt Brian Kendrick would be high on anyone’s list of dream opponents. Having said that, there is an opportunity for a really good story here; both men were fired and came back to WWE but whereas Bryan came back after a couple of months, Kendrick had start from the bottom again.

Have Kendrick be jealous of how successful his so called friend has become.

4. Gentleman Jack Gallagher vs. Chad Gable

Both men are really good technical wrestlers so why not.

Gable is an expert at the amateur style while Gallagher has the British style, a simple story of who’s style is superior.

Sometimes you just want to watch a good technical match.

3. Finn Balor vs. Hideo Itami

I also considered Nakamura vs Itami, but I think there’s more story with Balor.

Balor’s NXT title win in Japan was supposed to be Itami, so they could tell the story of Itami resenting Balor for taking what should have been his.

If you’re sceptical, I suggest checking out their match from Takeover Rival in 2015 to see how great this could be.

2. Cedric Alexander vs. AJ Styles

Personally, I’m not a fan of Cedric Alexander. He’s great in ring but he’s bland as a character, but I might briefly forget that if I got to see him vs Styles.

Both men are similar in that they’re incredibly athletic, while still being strong for their size. They fought on indies, but I doubt anyone would be against seeing it again in WWE.

This match could harken back to Alexander vs Ibushi from the CWC.

1. Kalisto vs. Rey Mysterio

You had to know Mysterio would appear on this list.

Rey could have great matches with just about anyone in the division, but Kalisto seems the most appropriate as WWE seems to have done everything to make Kalisto the new Mysterio.

There are a few different ways you could do this: Rey trying show he can still go or Kalisto trying to get out of Rey’s shadow and prove he’s his own man.

Maybe you don’t need a story and just have some flippy sh**. That’s also good.

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