5 Wrestler Who Could Be Managers! | Scott's Squared Circle #3

You may remember I wrote an article that explained why, in my opinion, WWE would benefit from having more managers. The worst thing about this problem is that it’s one that is easily fixable. There are several wrestlers who could transition to this role tomorrow and flourish.

Most of these guys aren’t particularly good in the ring but great on the mic.If given the opportunity, they could use their mic skills to help build new stars and at the end of the day that’s what it’s all about.

Honourable Mention - Titus O'Niell

Honourable mention: Titus O’Neil. He is essentially a manager now even though he still gets in the ring. There is a lot of promise in Titus Worldwide if WWE allowed it the time it deserves.

5. The Miz

The Miz takes this spot because the reasons for his inclusion are so different from others on the list. While he might not be thought of as a great wrestler by today’s standards his style works for his character, and his improvement in both ring style and ability on the mic in the past two years has been sensational!

If Miz took some time out of the ring and managed Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas it could benefit them hugely. Give them some definitive wins while Miz builds them up on Miz TV or in backstage segments.If they are positioned as viable threats people might treat them as such.

If you remember back in January 2016 when Miz said he would give Neville the keys to be a star, it had huge potential, especially as Neville was a criminally underused talent wanting of some direction. However, this storyline ended weeks later and was never mentioned again, but just consider The Miz as a manager and what that story could have been...

4. Ladies & Gentlemen...Elias

Elias is the perfect heat magnet; he plays his guitar says,“insert town name sucks”and“insert insult about local sports team” and then listens as the boos come rolling in!The problem is when the bell rings.

He hasn’t had what you would call memorable or even really good matches. If you took Elias out of the ring and allow him to apply his heat to someone else, you could see a marked improvement on an incomplete superstars push!

He could consider himself a producer trying to build the next big thing or he could play his client to the ring singing a ballad about how great they are and how they will defeat their opponent, the possibilities are endless and with Elias’ undoubted charisma, it could definitely work!

3. Drew Gulak

If you’ve seen 205 Live the last few months, you’ll have seen that Drew is an absolute delight on the mic. If you don’t watch 205 Live,then look no further than Gulak speaking on behalf of Enzo for proof that he’d be a fantastic manager.

Pair him with someone in the Cruiserweight division who meets his no high-flying standards and watch them go run through the division. Imagine his client in the ring with Cedric Alexander, with Gulak shouting encouragement through his megaphone. Imagine backstage segments of him prepping his client with his PowerPoint presentation!

Tell me you’re not even a little intrigued...

2. Nigel McGuinness

While not a wrestler anymore, Nigel could be a valuable asset as a manager. Though he provides great insight from commentary from his years in the business imagine if he was passing that knowledge to a struggling NXT talent.

Fans could follow the journey of a superstar through NXT up to the main roster while Nigel gives them the knowledge needed to make it in the big leagues.

1. Enzo Amore

I mentioned the potential for Enzo in my managers article so this entry really does goes without saying. His whole schtick with Cass was the typical manager client/relationship - a small loudmouth hiding behind a big guy.

In fact, once Enzo and Cass had finished their Tag Team kinship, people were clamouring for Enzo to be the manager of the 7 foot giant!

Once he’s done as Cruiserweight champion he could easily transition into a manager role. Also, like all the other guys on this list except Nigel, Enzo could tag in the ring with his client.

Unlike the others who wouldn’t mind wrestling, Enzo would be better suited as a reluctant participant in matches. Have him on the apron refusing to tag in until eventually he his forced into the match. This allows the babyface to finally give Enzo his Comeuppance.

For an example of this, see the rare times Bobby Heenan would get into the ring. Also, I don’t know about you, but I quite like seeing Enzo get beat up.

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