5 Feuds For The Woken Hardys | Scott's Squared Circle #9

Updated: Apr 12

Right now, Woken Matt is everything we could have hoped for. It’s to early to tell how his feud with Bray will go, but you know things will get even better when Brother Nero returns around WrestleMania time. Once they’re back together, they can bring everything that made the Broken Universe so great in the first place.

There are a lot of good teams for the Hardys to have dream matches with in the WWE in the upcoming year, and I’m here to list some of the ones I want to see!

Honourable Mention - Breezango

Unlike the other matches and feuds I’m going to get to in this list, this is not what I want from an in-ring standpoint; I want to see the insanity of the Hardys on the Fashion Files.

Imagine Breezango trying to solve the mystery of why the Woken Hardys act the way they do.

5. The Bar

Surely the first thing on the Hardy's mind should be getting back their RAW Tag Team Titles of the world.As I said in another article, their match at Great Balls of Fire was a possible match of the year candidate.

Now not only can they have great matches, but they can have The Bar act as the straight men to the Hardy’s insanity. They can harken back to Brother Nero’s‘ADDICTION!’costing them the titles in the first place.

4. The Revival

Cast your mind back to the night after Great Balls of Fire; The Hardys are laying have just been beaten by Gallows and Anderson when they were attacked by The Revival. It seemed like the Revival destroying the Hardys would eventually lead to them breaking. However, this ended abruptly when Dawson got injured.

If Matt can remember stuff from past lives, surely he’ll remember something that happened less than a year ago. This could be the feud that finally establishes the Revival on the main roster after their awful luck with multiple injuries.

3. The Usos

Once the Hardys re-establish themselves at the top of the RAW Tag Team division, they should move on to proving that they are the greatest team in all of space and time - a simple brand split should not stop them doing that!

You could easily set up a champion vs champion match at either SummerSlam or Survivor Series; one of the best teams of all time vs. one of the best today, it really does write itself.

2. The Bludgeon Brothers

Simply put, this is the closest thing we’ll get to a Woken Hardys vs. The Wyatt Family feud; two gimmicks that are so silly that hopefully - if they come together - they can balance each other out.

Harper and Rowan have great chemistry as a team, but their last standout feud was against the Usos in 2014. If they can have matches half that good with the Woken Hardys, people might look past the stupidity of their gimmick.They could even go as far to make a connection to them being in The Wyatt Family and Bray’s feud with Matt.

But the weirdness a feud with the Bludgeon Brothers could have is nothing compared to…

1. SAniTy

Picture the scene; the Hardy compound where Woken Matt, Brother Nero, Reby and Senior Benjamin having to fend off the threat of Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe, Killian Dain and Nikki Cross.

Think Delete or Decay but with Sanity - Woken Chaos you could call it, you can take that if you want!

This is a feud where they would just have to go all out with the craziness.If Matt truly does have creative control, they could create something so perfect,it could appeal to even the biggest detractors to the gimmick.

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