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Updated: Apr 12

Regardless of your feelings about the WWE Hall of Fame, it’s a great way to honour people for all their hard work and contributions to the business. However it’s getting to a point that people are wondering how many worthy inductees are left!

Contrary to the belief that WWE can’t build new stars there are several future Hall of Famers who are a part of the active roster, both full and part time wrestlers.

So, in no particular order, join me in counting down 10 current WWE superstars who are destined to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame!

Honourable Mentions

Firstly, we have The Undertaker, he has done more than enough to warrant an induction,but it doesn’t look like he’s going to wrestle again which means he’s not on the active roster.

Chris Jericho is currently a free agent but he deserves to go in one day for his outstanding service to the WWE since his debut in 1999!

Finally we have Braun Strowman! I love him and I know it’s too early to tell if he will continue to capitalise on what we have seen so far but he does have the potential to be one of the best big men in WWE history and then, maybe a Hall of Fame induction may not feel so out of the realms of reality...

10. Brock Lesnar

Speaking of the Undertaker, surely being the one who broke the streak alone qualifies Lesnar to be a future WWE Hall of Famer! That’s before we get into his multiple world titles in WWE, UFC and NJPW.

He’s the last big attraction left in WWE and whenever he shows up it feels like a big deal - that’s rare in today’s WWE, where it’s easy to get sick of seeing the same guys every week.

Also, you’ve got Paul Heyman to induct him -Imagine that speech...

9. The New Day

While we’re on the subject of a single accomplishment guaranteeing a place, how about the longest reigning tag team champions in history?

The New Day have accomplished more than anyone ever thought they would when they debuted -What looked like another stupid WWE gimmick that would die in a few months is still going strong, coupled with the fact that they are a merchandise selling machine!They have successfully avoided just being ‘other guys’ like The Social Outcasts for example, but have gone on to be one! of the most entertaining things in WWE.

A mere sidenote, but Kofi surely deserves some manner of induction with the umpteen mid-card titles he’s won over the years.

8. Randy Orton

His father is in it,so it’s only a matter of time before he gets in. But aside from familial reasons, Randy has gone from being the Legend Killer (still optimum Randy) to being considered a legend himself. He might not be as interesting as he used to be, but he’s already done enough to earn his place.

We are talking of course of a 2 time Royal Rumble Winner, a WrestleMania main eventer, a 13 time World Champion, a former Mr. Money in the Bank and the seventeenth Triple Crown Champion! Surely with credentials like these, it is a case of when Randy is inducted as opposed to if!

7. The Miz

It seems that loyalty to the company is a big factor in entering the WWE Hall of Fame and few people have been as loyal to the company as The Miz - always present to represent the company anytime they need someone at a media event or anytime a fan wants an autograph! Since he won the Intercontinental Championship for the 7th time, he has proven why he’s one of the best talkers in history. To be honest, it’s a shame that this Miz wasn’t the guy main-eventing Wrestlemania 5 years ago! His story is quite inspiring, overcoming just being seen as a reality star everyone just wanted to go away, to main-eventing Wrestlemania. His perseverance has earned him the respect of his peers and the fans and has evolved into one of WWE’s best characters today.

6. Charlotte Flair

With a change in booking, all Four Horsewomen could be eventually inducted, but for now the only one who is worthy is Charlotte.

She’s the only women to win the Divas, NXT, RAW and SmackDown women’s title, and talk about exceeding expectations - she has done it in spades. Add this to the fact that she took part in the first Women’s Hell in a Cell Match and was a part of the first women’s match to headline a WWE PPV, you have the makings of a star!

It’s hard enough being a second or third generation superstar but imagine being the child of Ric Flair - look at how well David worked out - but Charlotte has shouldered the burden admirably as a worthy inclusion on this list!

5. The Hardy Boyz

Even if we don’t get the broken gimmick in WWE, TheHardys have already achieved everything there is to achieve in the profession! They have been tag champs all over the world as well as both being multi-time world champions.

As much as I like Matt, WWE are more likely to put Jeff in on his own, so the best chance he has is if they’re put in as a team.While Jeff has always been more popular, Matt has evolved more as character: his work as Version 1 and the Icon Matt Hardy is underrated whilst we mustn’t forget the Broken gimmick was his creation, the man is a born innovator!

These guys have gone from vampires to daredevils to Broken,all while remaining one of the best and most popular tag teams in history.

A match they innovated has its own PPV now for God sake, what else do they have to do?

4. AJ Styles

His time in WWE hasn’t been as long as some other guys on the roster, but who has had more great matches in the last couple of years than AJ Styles? Sure, they might not mention it on WWE TV, but he has more than enough accomplishments including NWA, TNA and IWGP world titles to put him in any Hall of Fame!

Since he’s been in WWE he’s made the best of what he’s been given, even his feud with James Ellsworth. I could do a top 10 on all the match of the year candidates he’s had in WWE and even then, I’d be leaving off some - this man is a wrestling machine!

He’s proven time and time again that regardless of age or size, he’s still one of, if not the, best wrestler in the world.

The WWE are lucky to have him!

3. The Usos

Their Samoan heritage would be good enough to get them in if we are being brutally honest! Add in their 5 tag title reigns, the great matches they put on (especially since turning heel) and the fact they show no signs of stopping, and suddenly, putting The Usos in of their own accord is a no brainer!

They could easily carry the tag division for the next few years as there are still plenty of dream matches left to have, as shown by their match with The Bar at Survivor Series, they can literally have outstanding matches with anyone!

They’re a great example of evolving as characters from generic Samoan faces, to badass heels.

2. John Cena

Come on! You had to know he would be on this list.

He’s almost certainly going to win a 17th world title before he finally packs it in, and if we are being honest with ourselves, he deserves it!

He’s been the face of the company for more than a decade and despite what some will say - yes he has buried a lot of talent in his time at the top - he has put on some good matches over the years - matches against AJ Styles, CM Punk and Shinsuke Nakamura spring to mind!

Looking back at his career it would be strange if he didn’t go in. I mean, the WWE are forever searching for that ‘New John Cena’ to act as the face of the company in his absence, surely that alone deserves an induction, right?

1. The Shield

There are arguments for all three members going in individually, but I think it’s best they go in together as they’re honestly one of the best factions in recent history.

Roman’s going in whether you like it or not, maybe he’ll be like Flair, going in solo and as part of the Shield. Either way, you cannot begrudge him this: he is a multi-time champion, a grand slam champion and is on course to headline his 4th WrestleMania in a row: those are Hall of Fame credentials!

Seth has the potential to go in given how much Triple H is clearly a fan of his. Also,his Wrestlemania cash-in is one of my favourite Wrestlemania moments. Couple with this the fact that he is one of the best workers the WWE have at the moment, and he is another certain addition!

Dean, as hard as it is to admit,if he does go in on his own, it will be long after the other two. I think despite his multiple title wins, the WWE don’t see him as main-eventer, rather a good hand to have! While Dean and Seth weren’t rookies, these guys had little experience of the big time when they debuted, but were pushed from the very first moment and rose to the occasion.

From the outset,they faced off with the likes of John Cena, The Undertaker and The Rock. It could easily have been the case of new guys being pushed more than they deserved but these guys came across as believable badasses for their whole run.

If only that had continued during Roman’s singles push...

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